Open Learning Initiative: measuring the effectiveness of OLI statistics course in accelerating learning

Presentation by Candice Thille & Joel Smith

Well, I got a bit tied up with cleaning up the files from my digital voice recorder and missed the beggining of the talk. It’s about 20 min on now. From here:

Second study: Spring 2006 – Comprehensive Assessment of Outcomes in a first Statistics course (CAOS)

Increase 7.9%pts of accuracy National Sample against 11.7% OLI sample

Results of both studies: Online courses ‘do no harm’

Further analysis showed that for some traditionally difficutl statistical ideas the online course showed and advantage over traditional courses.

Third study: Spring 2007 “Accelerated Learning”

Requirement: go through the course in an accelerated pace and comolete all the activities. Post questions to be addressed in class. Work two 50-minute meetings a week.

OLI students: 18%pts increase and Traditional control (national?) = missed teh figure, slide is gone

Summary: students of OLI had a considerable higher achievement that the control group, even though they studied all the content of a semester in only half a semester.

This talk is about a statistics course and obviously uses lots of statiscal data. It is a study based on comparing data to a ‘control goup’. As I am not an statistics expert (or quantitative methods), I cannot really give an opinion on it, but it sounds rather structured and the speaker is very enthused.

Accelerated learning results:

85% definitely recommend

15% probably recommend

Nobody said no

Now, it remains to me the task to understand better what this accelerated learning stuff is about! I missed the beginning and got lost afterwards :-(


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